Executive Committee of the Competition

Elisabeth VON MAGNUS, Vice-rector of Arts (University of Music and Performing Arts Graz, KUG)
Joseph BREINL, Professor of Lied Interpretation (KUG)│Category: Duo for Voice and Piano (Lied)
Chia CHOU, Professor of Chamber Music – Piano (KUG)│Category: Trio for Piano, Violin and Violoncello
Stephan GOERNER, Professor of Chamber Music – String Instruments (KUG)│Category: String Quartet


Joseph BREINL (Germany), Chair


Bengt FORSBERG (Sweden)

Luis GAGO (Spain)

Angelika KIRCHSCHLAGER (Austria)

François LE ROUX (France)

Henk NEVEN (The Netherlands)

Jan Philip SCHULZE (Germany)

from l. to r.: Joseph Breinl (Chair), Henk Neven, Luis Gago, Angelika Kirchschlager, Bengt Forsberg, Roberta Alexander, François Le Roux, Jan Philip Schulze
© KUG/Clemens Nestroy

Piano Trio

Annett BAUMEISTER (Germany), Chair

Elena CHEAH (USA/Germany)

Chia CHOU (Canada)

Vincent COQ (France)

Maximilian HORNUNG (Germany)

Hae-Sun KANG (France)

Marshall McGUIRE (Australia)

Thomas SELDITZ (Germany)

from l. to r.: Maximilian Hornung, Chia Chou, Elena Cheah, Annett Baumeister (Chair), Marshall McGuire, Thomas Selditz, Hae-Sun Kang, Vincent Coq, Jury Assistance Irina Vaterl
© KUG/Alexander Wenzel

String Quartet

Ranko MARKOVIC (Austria), Chair

Vladimir BALSHIN (Russia)


Reto BIERI (Switzerland)

Isabel CHARISIUS (Switzerland)

Marie-Luise MAINTZ (Germany)

Johannes MEISSL (Austria)

Miroslav SRNKA (The Czech Republic)

from l. to r.: Reto Bieri, Juryassistenz Gayane Mirzoyan, Miroslav Srnka, Marie Luise Maintz, Vladimir Balshin, Isabel Charisius, Johannes Meissl, Ranko Marković (Chair), Ida Bieler
© KUG/Alexander Wenzel