Duo Silke EVERS / Wiebke TOM DIECK

Special prize / Best interpretations in the field of modern music € 2.250, -

Prize of the Federation of Austrian Industry Styria

Duo Silke EVERS / Wiebke TOM DIECK

Since November 1998, Silke Evers and Wiebke Tom Dieck have worked together on a song repertoire. As a duo they won the university selection for the Mendelssohn competition in Berlin. 1999 Performance of the three "Bird Songs" by Yati Durant as part of a composition class concert by Krzysztof Meyer; Workshop with George Crumb. 2000 Semifinals at the International Competition Franz Schubert and the Music of Modernity in Graz; Lieder evenings with the program "Schubert and the Modern" in Göttingen and Cologne as well as with the program "Come and Divorce" in the Bürgerhaus Kalk / Cologne. 2001 1st Prize at the Lions Club Competition "German Song" (Cologne) and final concert of the lecture series "Heaven and Earth" at the University of Göttingen. 2002 concert tour to Iceland for the Beethoven Festival at the invitation of the Kulturamt Bonn and recital in Reykjavik; Song recital "Fanny Hensel" in the Heinrich-Heine-Haus Paris; various performances in Germany; Seminar management of song-design courses at the Volkshochschule Düsseldorf. A modern song program in the Dresden Kreuzkirche is planned for 2003.

Silke EVERS, Soprano (Germany)

Silke Evers studied singing and singing education at the Cologne Conservatory with Hans Sotin and Klesie Kelly and then moved to Düsseldorf for the concert exam to Michaela Krämer. She has received numerous scholarships and first prizes, from the German Study Foundation to the Lions Club Song Competition. Concert tours took her beyond Europe to Brazil and India, and the city of Bonn's cultural department sent her to Iceland for a song recital in autumn 2002. In the field of baroque music, for which she trained with Kai Wessel, Barbara Schlick, Günther Höller and Konrad Junghänel, she managed a wide repertoire. She is again engaged as a soloist by the baroque ensemble Concerto Köln. In the opera field Silke Evers was already heard in major leading roles, i. a. as Gretel ("Hansel and Gretel"), Susanna ("Figaro's Wedding") and Anna ("The Merry Wives of Windsor" together with Kurt Moll as Falstaff). As a guest she was obliged to the opera houses of Bonn and Hagen. In Münster, Silke Evers sang Marie in "Zar und Zimmermann".

Wiebke tom Dieck, Piano (Germany)

Wiebke tom Dieck was enrolled from 1992 to 1998 at the University of Music and Drama in Hannover majoring in piano with Martin Dörrie (Music Pedagogy and Artistic Diploma 1996 and 1998). From 1998 to 2000 she studied songwriting at the Cologne Conservatory with Jürgen Glauß. From 2000 to 2002 she was a visiting student with Hartmut Höll in Karlsruhe. Master classes she took u. a. with Konrad Elser, Norman Shetler and Hartmut Höll. In 1997, Wiebke tom Dieck received the annual scholarship from EPTA for his outstanding presentation of piano works at the EPTA Congress "Piano Music after 1950" in Darmstadt. In the spring of 2000, she participated in the competition "Franz Schubert and the Music of the Modern Age" (song-duo section). She works as a teacher at a private music school as well as a piano partner for singers, instrumentalists and choirs at concerts in Germany and abroad.