Jerusalem Quartett

1st Prize ATS 240,000, -

Prize of the Governor of Styria

Special Prize / Best Interpretation of a Work of 20th Century Music ATS 60,000, -

Prize of the four Styrian universities

Jerusalem Quartett

The Jerusalem Quartet (Israel) was founded in October 1993 as part of the "Young Musicians Group". 1995 premiere of the ensemble at the Jerusalem Music Center. In the episode concerts with Tabea Zimmermann, in the Israeli Embassy in Amman and world premiere of Michael Wolpes "Allegro" for string quartet. Israeli premiere of "12 Microludes" by György Kurtág in the presence of the composer. Concert tour to France as guests of the "Forum Musical de Normandie". 1996 guest appearances in Oslo, Stockholm, Vienna, The Hague, Copenhagen, Bratislava and South Africa. Masterclasses with Isaac Stern, Henry Meyer, Tabea Zimmermann, György Kurtág, Michael Tree and Peter Kamnitzer. Winner of the 1st Prize at the "Jerusalem Academy Chamber Music Competition". The violinist Avi Abramovich is today a teacher of the quartet.


Born in Ukraine in 1978, emigrated to Israel in 1991. Student of M. Liberman. 1990 soloist with the Symphony Orchestra Charkov (Ukraine), 1994 soloist with the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra. 2nd Prize at the "Clairmont Competition for Young Violinists" and participant in the Tuacan Festival in Utah, USA.

Amichai GROSS

Born in 1979 in Israel. Student of David Chen. Studied at both the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance High School and at their University. Participation i.a. at a seminar of the Jeunesses Musicales 1995. Winner of the 1st Prize in the "Braun-Rodger Siegl Competition fo Violists" 1996.


Born in 1997 in Ukraine, 1991 emigration to Israel. Student of M. Liberman. Winner of several prizes, i.a. 1st Prize "Jerusalem Rubin Academy Violin Competition", "Ilona Kornhauser Award" and 1st Prize "Braun-Rodger Siegl Competition for Violinists". Participant at the Tuacan Festival in Utah, USA. Currently, soloist in the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra.


Born in Minsk (Belarus) in 1978, emigrated to Israel in 1991. Studied with Uzi Wiesel and Hillel Zori. 2nd Prize at the "Clairmont Competition for Young Cellists". Participants of the Classical Winter Festival in Jerusalem as well as the Tuacan Festival in Utah, USA. 1996 1st Prize at the "Braun-Rodger Siegl Competition for Cellists".