The Background of the FS&MM

The International Competition "Franz Schubert and Modern Music" (FS&MM) is a chamber music competition founded by the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz in 1989 and has since been offered triennialy. It brings young musicians from all over the world to Graz. The audience can enjoy a free-admission, multi-day festival of chamber music.

The FS&MM is not a competition like any other. Right from the start, it was about bringing Schubert's chamber music into relation with new and newest works for suitable ensembles. In addition, the expansion of the chamber music repertoire is actively pursued with composition competitions and commissioned works is actively pursued.

Future-oriented and professionally, this competition is looking for creative, imaginative, curious and at the same time high-level music personalities who can reach and touch their listeners in a variety of ways through chamber music interaction. In return, in addition to prize money totaling around € 75,000, we offer the prizewinners career counseling and support as well as all participating workshops in the areas of career planning, self-management and music education.

With this competition, the Graz University of Arts fulfills its responsibility to enable young musicians to determine their position on the way from their studies to professionalism, as well as to confront the reality of a competitive career. High-caliber and internationally recognized jurors meet these ambitious requirements and contribute their qualified feedback to make this competition a significant milestone in the artistic development of the participants.

This competition is clearly positioned as a competition of the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz and is meant to transport key themes of the university, such as Audience Engagement. Thus, a special prize for Audience Engagement will be awarded. "Franz Schubert and the Modern Music" is associated with the World Federation of International Music Competitions (WFIMC) - a prestigious institution that represents only  selected classical music competitions, and member of the Alink-Argerich Foundation (AAF).

Apart from the entire organization of the competition - the preparation as well as the follow-up - the Competitions Office is also working with Aimée Paret to cultivate and rebuild collaborations with concert promoters, both nationally and internationally for prizeinners.

| Foto: The Schubidu Quartet
| Foto: The Schubidu Quartet
| Foto: The Schubidu Quartet


creative and curious musical personalities, full of fantasy, who make music at the highest level and reach, touch and delight their audiences with their performances of chamber music.


  • prize money totalling approximately € 65,000.-
  • career consulting and supervision for first-place prizewinners
  • top-class jurors
  • professional and comprehensive feedback offering constructive input for your professional path
  • the opportunity to listen to competitors
  • valuable exchange of experience with musicians from all over the world
  • workshops in the fields of career planning, self-management and the music outreach

Member of

World Federation of International Music Competitions

Alink - Argerich Foundation