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Prizewinners 2022

Duo Adamova/Schäfer
Duo Adamova/Schäfer | Foto: The Schubidu Quartet
Duo Baleiro/Costa
Duo Baleiro/Costa | Foto: The Schubidu Quartet
Duo Kayaki/Ebina
Duo Kayaki/Ebina | Foto: The Schubidu Quartet
Trio Orelon
Trio Orelon | Foto: The Schubidu Quartet
Trio Unio | Foto: The Schubidu Quartet
Soleri Trio
Soleri Trio | Foto: The Schubidu Quartet
Info & application LIED

Lied Duo

1st prize: not awarded, as according to the regulations a division of the 1st prize is not possible


2nd prize: ex aequo each € 6,500,- plus career consulting
Dedicated from the grants of the City of Graz: The prize was endowed from the total subsidies of the cultural department of the city of Graz for this competition.

Duo Adamova/Schäfer
Bella Adamova (Mezzo-Soprano, Czech Republic) / Malte Schäfer (Piano, Germany)

Duo Baleiro/Costa
André Baleiro (Baritone, Portugal) / Pedro Costa (Piano, Portugal)


3rd prize: € 4,500,-
Sponsored by BIG - Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft
SPECIAL PRIZE for Prize for the best interpretation of the commissioned work of Judith Weir: € 1,000,-
Co-sponsored by Zonta Club Graz

Duo Kayaki/Ebina
Sawako Kayaki (Soprano, Japan) / Haruka Ebina (Piano, Japan)

Piano Trio

Info & application PIANO TRIO

1st prize: € 13,500,- plus 6 months of career consulting and guidance
Donated by the Province of Styria
SPECIAL PRIZE for the best interpretation of the prizewinning work of the International Piano Trio Composition Competition: € 2,000,- (with Tomasz Szczepanik's Tessuto)

Marco Sanna (Piano, Italy) / Judith Stapf (Violin, Germany) / Arnau Rovira Bascompte (Violoncello, Spain)


2nd prize: € 9,750,-
Donated by the Province of Styria

Young Sun Choi (Piano, Republic of Korea) / Eunji Kim (Violin, Republic of Korea) / Ah-Yeon Nam (Violoncello, Republic of Korea)


3rd prize: € 6,750,-
Donated by the Province of Styria

Asen Tanchev (Piano, Bulgaria/Germany) / Dainis Medjaniks (Violin, Latvia/Germany) / Moritz Weigert (Violoncello, Germany)

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* The order has been chosen by drawing the lots.

Piano Trio

| Foto: Alexander Wenzel, KUG



Lied Duo

Piano Trio

* Listing in alphabetical order

Project Prize "NEW FORMATS"


Paddington Trio
| The Trio That Built Us
Prize: € 2.000,-




Sawako Kayaki & Haruka Ebina
Light and shade – Fusion of Japanese and Western Culture

Alicia Gabriela Martinez & Alejandro Sung Hyun Cho |
Cold Tales
Project Members: Julian Ignacio Garcés, Diego Cirulli, Juan Selva

Mara Maria Möritz & Philippe Gaspoz |
S[ae]itenspiel – Wenn Jahre [k]eine Rolle spielen



Mosertrio |
Van Beethoven bis Birdland

Paddington Trio |
The Trio That Built Us

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