Musicians of the 21st Century are constantly challenged to find new ways to

  • foster relationships between “their” art and diverse persons
  • give access or deepen experiences with music

The growing importance of this demand was the impulse to award a Special Prize covering this topic at the International Chamber Music “Franz Schubert and Modern Music”. This prize will be awarded for the second time in 2022.

We are seeking formats, projects and activities that could open up to the audience new perspectives on the artistic content of the competition, namely chamber music, or make this music accessible to people who are not yet familiar with it.

The demand is for innovative concepts for a defined project planned in the future by any particular ensemble. These can be activities within the concert (explaining the programme, preparing the scene or arranged in an interdisciplinary manner with other artistic partners), or indeed activities just before or after the concert, whether within or outside the performance location.

  • Prizewinners and finalists

    Prizewinners and finalists

    Prizewinning ensemble

    | Foto: Pietari Purovaara

    Paddington Trio | The Trio That Built Us
    Prize: € 2.000,-


    Memoirs and Miniatures of a Childhood Relived Together – real and imagined | How does a classical ensemble, such as a Trio, come to be?

    The award-winning London-based piano trio, The Paddington Trio, captures on film the wondrous beauty of their shared artistic space. Sharing a glimpse into their living room of exploration, laughter and musical conversation, the Trio welcomes classical music audiences to take a look at what can go into three curious people taking a musical journey together.

    Having started their first adventure together at Paddington Station in London during the pandemic in 2020, the Paddington Trio knows that a home can be found in the most unusual of times, in perhaps the most unusual of places. Having first arrived separately from Finland, Ireland and the USA, the young trio together continues to build a safe haven of chamber music and friendship curated for changing times and audiences.

    Formed in 2020, the trio has quickly emerged as a unique and versatile ensemble of a lasting entity. They won 2nd prize and the jury prize for the Best Interpretation of an Estonian work at the 2021 Tallinn International Piano Chamber Music Competition. They have also won 1st prize at the Clara Schumann International Competition in the Chamber Music category. The trio is committed to thoughtfully curated programming and passionate exponents of contemporary music having worked extensively with the Guildhall New Music Society.

    As well as benefiting from regular tuition with Levon Chilingirian, Adrian Brendel and Caroline Palmer, they have received coaching from David Waterman, Andrew Watkinson, Ronan O’Hora, David Dolan, Richard Lester, Tomas Djupsjöbacka, Terhi Paldanius, Paavali Jumppanen, Marko Ylönen and Krysia Osostowicz. Their recent performances include concerts at St Mary’s Perivale, Southwark Cathedral, Music-at-Hill Midtown Concert Series, Westminster Music Library and the Milton Court Concert Hall. Upcoming concert highlights in 2022 include their Wigmore Hall debut, Otaniemi Chapel Summer Concert Series and the Oundle International Festival.

    Recipients of The Eduard and Marianna Loeser Award, PG Smith Award, Silver Bow Scholarship and awarded scholarships from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, the Paddington Trio continues to study at the Advanced Chamber Music Program of the Guildhall School of Music and Drama.


    >> Project concepts and biographies of the finalists <<

    Sawako Kayaki & Haruka Ebina|
    Light and shade – Fusion of Japanese and Western Culture

    Alicia Gabriela Martinez & Alejandro Sung Hyun Cho |
    Cold Tales
    Project members: Julian Ignacio Garcés, Diego Cirulli, Juan Selva

    Mara Maria Möritz & Philippe Gaspoz |
    S[ae]itenspiel – Wenn Jahre [k]eine Rolle spielen
    (string music – when years (do not) play a role)

    Mosertrio |
    Van Beethoven to Birdland

  • Jury


    An independent jury consisting of Annett Baumeister (Heidelberger Frühling), Dietrich Henschel (Baritone), and chaired by Constanze Wimmer – KUG Vice Rector for Academic and International Affairs & Professor of Artistic Outreach – will select a maximum of 5 finalists and, among them, the prizewinning project in January 2022. The prize will be awarded during the 11th International Competition, which will take place from February 5-14, 2022 at the University of Music and Performing Arts, Graz.

    | Foto: Johannes Gellner
  • Conditions for Participation

    Conditions for Participation

    All participants of the 11th International Competition “Franz Schubert and Modern Music” are entitled to participate. The prize is independent of the chamber music competition and has no influence on its results; it will be awarded by an extra jury.

    A project proposal is to be submitted (max. three A4 pages):

    • topic of the project including an answer to the question: What makes this presentation approach special?
    • project format (e.g. stage-managed concert, installation, workshop, community project, digital format…)
    • target audience including age range
    • artists and mediators involved (plus biography of persons involved who don’t participate in the FS&MM competition)
    • outline plan of costs
    • All kind of accompanying material is welcome (for example link, website, recording, etc.)

    Those who want to check if the concept works well can use the tool “Compass Music Mediation“ for an evaluation (available in German, English & French).

  • Submission Deadline

    Submission Deadline

    All participants of the 11th International Competition “Franz Schubert and Modern Music” are entitled to participate. As part of the Online Application for the 11th International Competition “Franz Schubert and Modern Music”, participants will be able to indicate if they would like to take part in this “competition in competition”.

    Submission deadline for the concept: December 1, 2021 via e-mail to sonderpreis(at) (for related questions too)

    The prize is independent of the chamber music competition and has no influence on its results; it will be awarded by an extra jury.

    Subject: NEW FORMATS

    | Foto: Johannes Gellner
  • Prize money

    Prize money

    Procedure: The jury will nominate a maximum of 5 finalists and among them, choose the prizewinning project.

    Prize money: € 2,000

    In addition to awarding the prize money, the University of Music and Performing Arts will endeavour to assist with enabling the implementation and documentation of the prizewinning project and provide professional support.

    All finalists will receive individual coachings on site to refine their ideas. Additionally, finalists will be able to do a pitch and thus present their project on the #career day (February 12, 2022) as part of the panel discussion with jurors and guests.

    | Foto: KUG
  • Audience Engagement 2018

    Audience Engagement 2018

    Want to know who was awarded with this prize in 2018? Here’s a short video clip that shows the realization of the concept “Surround Sound Sessions” by Gildas Quartet, which received the 1st prize at the FS&MM 2018:

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    Get an insight into the concept that was awarded with the 2nd prize: Agorá – Kunstlied meets Poetry Slam“ by Marlene Heiß & Diogo Mendes.

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    Pia Davila, prizewinner at the FS&MM 2015 in the category Lied Duo, was awarded with her concept „Liedmovies. A musical exhibition” at the #LIEDINNOVATION 2021, initiated by the Rhonefestival (Switzerland). We are proud of our prizewinner. Congratulations!