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    Another competition? Who still cares about that nowadays? One could argue about that endlessly, but the FS&MM competition has a lot to offer that's is still up to date. In recent years, we have been experiencing a renaissance of chamber music: new talented trios appear everywhere and seek their way onto the stage.

    As one of the few existing piano trio competitions and with repertoire requirements that offer every ensemble a lot of artistic freedom, we are an ideal presentation medium for young piano trios. Personally, I think that a chamber music competition offers a very different kind of excitement and mood compared to a soloist competition: A group is being displayed and the procesdses that come to light are enormously appealing.

    I invite you to join in and experience the unique atmosphere here in Graz!

    Chia CHOU



    1st prize: € 13,500,- 6 months of career consulting and guidance

    2nd prize: € 9,750,-

    3rd prize: € 6,750,-

    SPECIAL PRIZE: € 2,000,-

    Prize for the best interpretation of the prizewinning work of the International Piano Trio Composition Competition

    >>Project Prize "NEW FORMATS" - Competition in Competition<<

    € 2,000,-

    The prize money is stated as gross amount and is subject to the payment modalities of Austrian tax legislation.



    One of our main concerns as an organiser of an international competition is to discover young talents and to make them visible through performance and concert opportunities. The International Chamber Music Competition “Franz Schubert and Modern Music” attaches great importance to offer a variety of career development measures (for example through feedback, a #career day, individual consultancy) and collaborates with national and international concert organisers to help finalists and prizewinners get in touch with them.

    It is with great pleasure that the FS&MM competition is being followed by many prestigious festivals, concert organisers and educational institutions either on site or via Live-Streaming. The high level of our prize winners and exceptional artistic performances that can be experienced in the competition are the basis of the many partnerships that have developed over the years.

    >> Awards, Concerts & Scholarships



    >>Repertoire PIANO TRIO<<

    The essential feature of this competition is the juxtaposition of modern and traditional music. Right from the start, it was about bringing Schubert's chamber music into relation with new and newest works for suitable ensembles. The expansion of the chamber music repertoire is actively pursued with composition competitions and commissioned works.

    As part of the repertoire, the participants are invited to rehearse a compulsory piece - the prizewinning work of the international composition competition for Trio for Piano, Violin and Violoncello which will be published by the University of Music and Performing Arts before the FS&MM and handed over to the participants after the deadline.

    Compulsury Piece 2018: "Stück 2" (2017) by Jungjik KIM

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    from February 8 to 12, 2022 (1st and 2nd round)
    and on February 14, 2022 (final)

    House of Music and Music Theatre (MUMUTH),
    Lichtenfelsgasse 14, 8010 Graz




    Eligible for participation are musicians of all nations and stateless persons who were born after 15 February, 1985.

    Generally, participants can only take part in one category and with one ensemble. Exceptions require the consent of the competition management.