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    How does the international chamber music competition “Franz Schubert and Modern Music” stand out from the wide range of other music competitions and what makes it so unique?

    The signature feature of this competition is that it contrasts Schubert’s music with contemporary works. We invite Lied duos from around the world to create fascinating programmes, including a variety of Lied compositions for four competition rounds, and to present their programmes at the highest artistic level. Our repertoire list serves as a compass that guides the Lied duos through the world of contemporary music: it is updated regularly and – through close cooperation with international music publishers – also contains compositions that are “hot off the press”.

    In addition, the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz strives to ensure that every individual participant can benefit personally and artistically from participating in this music competition, regardless of their individual performance.

    For this reason, we foster a culture of feedback unparalleled in the world of music competitions: all participants who do not reach the next round have the opportunity to engage in a detailed discussion with selected jury members.

    This competition is intended to be a place for meeting new people and forging new contacts, which participants can build on in their future professional lives. Comparable to an international conference, renowned musicians, music managers and intendants meet during the competition, with the spotlight on the young artists. The #careerday enables all participants to take part in interesting workshops and lectures. The winners will receive prize money and have the chance to play additional concerts. They will also benefit from six months of career counselling.

    The participants, the jury members and, of course, the audience can look forward to discovering new and exciting compositions. Which contemporary works will the participants include in their repertoire? How closely can the participants relate to Schubert’s Lied compositions and the themes they address? How will the finalists rise to the challenge of rehearsing the composition by Judith Weir for the final round in less than two days and without any available recordings or support from their teachers?  

    In view of the University’s responsibility towards the young artists, this opportunity to learn and gain experience reflects the particular charm of this competition, which focuses on cooperation rather than the rivalry inherent in all competitions.

    Joseph BREINL



    1st prize: € 9,000,- plus 6 months of career consulting and guidance

    2nd prize: € 6,500,-

    3rd prize: € 4,500,-

    SPECIAL PRIZE: € 1,000,-

    Prize for the best interpretation of the commissioned work of Judith Weir.

    >>Project Prize "NEW FORMATS" - Competition in Competition<<

    € 2,000,-

    The prize money is stated as gross amount and is subject to the payment modalities of Austrian tax legislation.



    One of our main concerns as an organiser of an international competition is to discover young talents and to make them visible through performance and concert opportunities. The International Chamber Music Competition “Franz Schubert and Modern Music” attaches great importance to offer a variety of career development measures (for example through feedback, a #career day, individual consultancy) and collaborates with national and international concert organisers to help finalists and prizewinners get in touch with them.

    It is with great pleasure that the FS&MM competition is being followed by many prestigious festivals, concert organisers and educational institutions either on site or via Live-Streaming. The high level of our prize winners and exceptional artistic performances that can be experienced in the competition are the basis of the many partnerships that have developed over the years.

    >> Awards, Concerts & Scholarships



    >>Repertoire LIED<<

    The essential feature of this competition is the juxtaposition of modern and traditional music. Right from the start, it was about bringing Schubert's chamber music into relation with new and newest works for suitable ensembles. The expansion of the chamber music repertoire is actively pursued with composition competitions and commissioned works.

    As part of the repertoire, the participants are invited to rehearse compulsory pieces. A compulsory piece is the prizewinning work of the International Composition Competition Lied, which is advertised in advance of the FS&MM by the University of Music and Performing Arts and will be sent to the participants after the registration deadline. In addition, a commissioned work by a renowned composer - this time Judith Weir could be won over for the composition commission - is to be rehearsed for the final round. The scores will be handed over to the participants in the final after the semi-finals.

    Compulsory Piece 2018: "Den gelben Astern ein Lied" (2017), Sehyung Kim

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    Commissioned Composition Isabel Mundry "LIED" (2018)

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    from February 6 to 10, 2022 (1st and 2nd round),
    on February 11, 2022 (semi-final)
    and on February 13, 2022 (final)

    Palais Meran,
    Leonhardstraße 15, 8010 Graz




    Eligible for participation are musicians of all nations and stateless persons who were born after 15 February, 1985.

    Generally, participants can only take part in one category and with one ensemble. Exceptions require the consent of the competition management.