Frequently asked questions

1.) As the competition has been postponed from 2021 to 2022, we no longer meet the age requirements. Can we still apply?

For the sake of fairness, we have chosen to keep the conditions of the 2021 competition, also regarding the age requirements. This means that musicians born AFTER February 15, 1985 are eligible. Otherwise no exceptions will be made. All participants must meet the age limit.

2.) Is there a video pre-selection?

Yes, due to the uncertain corona situation, a video submission is necessary. More information: HERE

3.) Where can we apply for the competition? How do I pay the fee?

This all happens via MUVAC. The participation fee is paid directly during the application process. >> Link

4.) LIED: Is it possible to only select parts from one cycle? Can songs be transposed?

Yes. You can take songs from cycles and transpose each song.

5.) LIED: Do we really only have a few days to prepare the compulsory piece by Judith Weir?

Yes,. The compulsory piece by Judith Weir will only be entrusted to the finalists for rehearsal after the semi-finals; that will be on the evening of February 11, 2022. The finale will be om February 13, 2021.

6.) LIED: My pianist cannot be present at the video performance for the pre-selection. Can someone fill in?

Since the participating musicians in this category are rated as a duo, it is important that the recording is in the planned line-up.

7.) LIED: We need 70 minutes of repertoire, but there are two commissioned pieces of 3-4 minutes each for the competition. Do the 70 minutes include these commissioned works?

70 minutes is the total time (including the commissioned works) and that is the total duration of the performance time. Don't forget to schedule at least 30 minutes of Schubert in rounds 1 to 4 (in total).

8.) LIED/TRIO: I am a pianist and would like to take part in this competition as a lied duo/piano trio. Can I take part in the competition as a duo with two singers?

Participation with two duos or in both categories (Lied duo and piano trio) may be accepted, but requires the approval of the competition management. In this case we ask you to contact us via email: 

9.) LIED: Should the video recording only use songs from Group A and Group C?

Yes. 2 -3 songs (by Franz Schubert and by group A), at least 1 song by Franz Schubert (group C) and at least 1 song by group A.

10.) LIED: My partner is a mezzo-soprano, but we are considering recording a piece we perform that is on soprano group A's list. Could that be chosen?

Yes, that is possible. Everyone has the opportunity to choose from all Lied lists.

11.) LIED: Can the selection of songs for the video pre-selection be repeated in the competition?


12.) LIED: Is it correct that after October 12 it is no longer possible to change the programme?

The programme itself can no longer be changed, only at our request after checking the repertoire. However, you can change the order up to a day before your performance.

13.) LIED: I'm having problems with the "Programme choice" form. What should I do?

Please try to download the form using a different browser.

14.) LIED/TRIO: It is said that the performance video must be an uncut video. Does that mean the entire presentation should be uncut or every piece?

The video should be uncut if possible. If not possible, a compilation of the individual pieces is also allowed. Each individual piece has to be uncut. ONE video file has to be uploaded.

15.) LIED: My pianist, with whom I recorded the performance video, has no time in February 2022. Can I come with a replacement?

The pre-selection can of course only be made for a specific duo - it is the duo that is evaluated and not the individual artist. Even in the past, without a pre-selection, the duo could no longer be exchanged after application.

16.) LIED/TRIO: We don't have a duo / trio photo yet. Can we hand it in later?


17.) When is the application deadline?

October 12, 2021 12 p.m. CET. The application deadline for the performance video has been extended to October 19, 2021.

18.) LIED/TRIO: If you already have an individual profile at MUVAC, please make sure to "switch profile" and to create a new "Ensemble" profile (see screenshot).