Application and competition terms for FS&MM 2022

Before you start your application via the platform muvac, please read the application and competition terms carefully.

>> The application deadline has already passed. <<

Through their application, participants accept the application and competition terms.

In the event of any contradictions, the German text prevails.


Musicians from all nations and stateless persons are eligible to participate. Generally participants can only take part in one category and with one ensemble. Exceptions require the consent of the competition management. The competition is open to the public.

Age limit: born after February 15, 1985

Application deadline: October 12, 2021

Application was only possible via muvac.


  • Duo: € 140,-
  • Trio: € 210,-

No reimbursement of the application fee.


  • Performance Video
  • Passport or ID
  • An up-to-date photo of each participant and a photo of the ensemble incl. photo credits. Photos must be publishable in the competition documents free of charge and authorised by the photographer.
  • Repertoire:
    • Lied Duo:
      The >>FORM<< to announce the program must be filled in as detailed as possible and uploaded during the application process. Here you can find the complete >>COMPETITION REPERTOIRE<<
      Score material for the compositions that are not explicitly listed in the repertoire list (including works out of “the complete oeuvre”) shall be sent to franz.schubert(at)
    • Piano Trio:
      Here you can find the complete >>COMPETITION REPERTOIRE<<
      The announcement of the repertoire will be requested during the online application process. Please try to give as many details about the compositions as possible (composer, title, duration, key, opus, year).
      Score material of the self-chosen compositions (2nd and 3rd round) shall be sent to franz.schubert(at)

Application is only valid if all required documents have arrived at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz by October 12, 2021.

A CONFIRMATION OF PARTICIPATION will be sent to the applicants after all the documents have been checked, especially the video and the repertoire (probably by beginning of December 20201). By receiving the confirmation of participation, the applicants are entitled to participate in the competition. Participants from countries that do not belong to the European Union and who need a visa to enter Austria must apply for an entry visa immediately, based on this confirmation.

The submitted PROGRAMME cannot be changed after confirmation from the competition management.

After reconfirmation via muvac, the applicants need to hand in a short biography of each participant as well as the artistic career of the ensemble in English and/or German language.


Participants have to organise ACCOMMODATION for themselves. The competition office will send out a list of hotels. We would like to ask you to book your accommodation as soon as possible and inform us of your address in Graz. In exceptional cases, the competition office will be prepared to help arrange private accommodation.

The individual ARRIVAL has to be one day prior to the 1st round. All participants have to be present at the competition office in person until 4:00 p.m. (MUMUTH, Lichtenfelsgasse 14, 8010 Graz) that day.

The exact day of the perfomance in round 1 will be decided by DRAWING THE LOTS during an online session after the application deadline. Detailed information will follow after the application deadline via e-mail and the date will be mentioned in the letter of acceptance.

In the course of this personal registration, the participants will receive information about the booking of PRACTICE ROOMS.

The ORDER OF THE PROGRAMME can be decided on site latest on the day before the first performance and must be announced to the competition office.

Participants confirm with their registration that they will keep themselves available and free of other obligations for the duration of the competition, and will stay at the COMPETITION SITE GRAZ for the duration of their active participation.

From the 2nd round, participants will be given a REIMBURSEMENT OF EXPENSES of € 60 per day for the duration of their continued participation in the competition, from the day of announcement of their progression to the 2nd round. This does not apply to competition participants who live in Graz nor to students of the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz.

Given our conviction that the jury’s FEEDBACK is an essential aspect of a competition, because it gives participants substantial impetus for their professional future whilst, at the same time, offering the possibility for new contacts, we have consciously allowed enough time and space for it. During registration participants receive a detailed plan of when the eliminated ensembles can receive feedback.

Subject to change for organisational reasons!



All DECISIONS about competition procedures and the results of the competition are made by the competition management or the jury and are incontestable. There is no right to legal appeal.

All rounds will be recorded. The competition organisation reserves the right to offer web streaming of the individual rounds as well as to create postings with participants for a video-blog. Each prize-winner is obliged to cede his or her rights to the RECORDINGS.

Through their participation in the 11th International Competition Franz Schubert and Modern Music, participants cede free-of-charge the exclusive and transferable rights to recordings of their performances in the context of this competition on audio or video media of any kind, to University of Music and Performing  Arts Graz, as well as the rights to duplicate, distribute, rent, sell, lend, or otherwise use them publicly, free of spatial or temporal limitations and using all current and future technical formats or procedures albeit including analogue and/or digital audio and/or video or by electronic data transfer including "streaming". This includes particularly the right to present the production or parts of it on the KUG's website and to make it available for download, as well as the right to use or pass on photos taken in the context of the production, whether on the website, in publications or for the KUG’s press and media activities.

This granting of rights includes all performances by participants in the context of this competition and copyright, title rights and ancillary copyrights. This granting of rights also includes remuneration and participation claims as well as all rights and forms of use known at the time or arising in future.

The competition organiser is not liable for any DAMAGE OR INJURIES that occur in the context of the competition.