Gianluca Iadema

2020: Gianluca Iadema, Italy

International Composition Competition Duo for Voice and Piano (Lied) 2020

Award-winning work: "Wirbel" (Text by: "Genesung“ from Alessandra Molina)

Prize money: 1,250€


Gianluca IADEMA is an Italian pianist, composer and audiovisual artist focused on the exploration of digital and analogue imperfection, the idea of “absent matter” and transparency. His research has led him to explore an artistic dimension that, abandoning the idea of the division of the human senses, presents an independent art form inwhich even sound can be perceived as an object.

Iadema graduated in piano in 2016 with honours at the Conservatory Luca Marenzio in Brescia, under the guidance of Giampaolo Stuani and Maurizio Zana and later with Cyprien Katsaris. He studied composition and electronic music with Giancarlo Facchinetti and Roberto di Filippo and currently attends the course of Composition under the guidance of Richard Dünser and the course of Computer Music under the guidance of Marko Ciciliani at the Kunstuniversität in Graz.

He has performed for numerous concert associations: "Le X Giornate", "Armonie sotto la Rocca", "Sulle Ali del Novecento", "Note di Franciacorta", "Scuola Diocesana", "Beyond Cinema" (Künstlerhaus Museum Graz), "Signale" (Graz), "Next Generation" (Zkm, Karlsruhe), "Nasimi Festival" (Baku), "Forum Stadtpark" (Graz).

In 2014 he received a scholarship as one of the best students of the Conservatory of his city, after winning the first prize in the competition "Capitanio". Also in 2014 he attended the "Ferienkurse für Neue Musik" in Darmstadt, refining the compositional technique of electronic and contemporary music. In 2018 he was entrusted with the composition of the music for the opera 1918EINEERHEBUNG, directed by the Viennese director Hans Hoffer. In September 2019 his first audiovisual album for the important record company "Mille Plateaux" (Frankfurt) was released. Also in the same year, he began a collaboration with the Swiss singer, composer and teacher Franziska Baumann (Hochschule für Musik Bern), which will see its peak in the release of a second album "Noyaux".

In 2019 he was nominated "composer in residence" for the Italian ensemble "Dedalo", in 2020 he received the prestigious prize of the Italian foundation “Togni Cantoni Marca” as one of the most talented Italian artists. Also in 2020, Wien Modern commissioned him a piece for piano, video and electronics, to be performed in November 2020. Shortly, a new CD will be out on the label VMS, with a piece for piano he wrote and pieces from the composers Richard Dünser and Christoph Renhart.

Iadema has participated in numerous masterclasses of composition with great masters such as: Curtis Roads, Reiko Yamada, John Richards, Mauro Montalbetti, Kirsten Reese, Darien Brito.