In the context of the 11th International Chamber Music Competition “Franz Schubert and Modern Music” 2021, a member of the World Federation of International Music Competitions, and the Alink-Argerich Foundation, contemporary compositions for Duo for Voice and Piano (Lied) are sought. The prime aim of this competition is to encourage the creation of new works for this chamber music category.

The prizewinning work will be on the programme of the above-named competition in February 2021 as a compulsory piece and will be (premiere) performed several times.

The jury consists of internationally renowned personalities:

Joseph BREINL(chair)
Klaudia TANDL
Christian UTZ

Holger FALK

Conditions of participation

The competition invites composers from all nations and those who are stateless to take part.

Age limit: born after May 1, 1981 (38 years)
Deadline: April 30, 2020
Prize money: € 2.500

A composition to be performed as a Duo for Voice and Piano (Lied) is to be submitted with a maximum performance duration of  3 - 4 minutes.

It is necessary that the submitted work can be transposed for all voice types. However, the submitted work only has to be set in one voice type. The prizewinner will need to set the prizewinning work in high, medium and low voice until September 15, 2020 so all participating duos in the competition can (premier) perform the work at the 11th International Chamber Music Competition "Franz Schubert and Modern Music" taking place in February 2021.

There is a choice of 12 poems to be set to music – of which either a poem in full length or fragments may be used. Six poems are by the Hungarian authoress Kinga Tóth, a writer-in-residence in Graz from September 2018 until August 2019. The other six poems are by Alessandra Molina from Cuba, who lived in Graz as “writer in exile” from August 2006 until August 2007.



Additional benefits

•The award-winning composition will be incorporated in the repertoire of the category Duo for Voice and Piano (Lied) in the 11th International Competition “Franz Schubert and Modern Music” as a compulsory piece. In the event of two prizewinning works, the choice will be left to the participants. In February 2021 the prizewinning works will be (premier) performed.*

•The 11th International Competition “Franz Schubert and Modern Music” will be recorded. There will be a master recording of the prizewinning work performed by a selected ensemble.*

•The prizewinners will be invited to take part in the award ceremony. Travel and hotel expenses will be paid by the competition.

* In the event of the prize being split, performance of the work during the 11th FS&MM competition and its recording cannot be guaranteed.

General conditions

The work may neither already have been accepted for a premiere performance, nor been performed in public, nor been awarded a prize, nor been published. Submissions will be presented in anonymised form to the jurors for evaluation. The jury is also free to split the prize and recognise two prizewinning works. The premiere performance is reserved for the 11th International Competition “Franz Schubert and Modern Music”. The official award ceremony will take place during this competition in February 2021 in Graz.

The amounts of prize money are stated as gross amounts. The amount actually paid out will be subject to the deduction of any taxes due in Austria, which have to be transferred by the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz directly to the tax office.

All compositions submitted will be named in the competition programme and incorporated in the library of the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz.