It’s encouraging and amazing to observe how many young singers take on the challenge of engaging in the special repertoire of this competition, embracing it and moulding it into their own language and individual mode of expression. At first sight it would seem to involve merely a juxtaposition of Schubert’s songs (Lieder) and those of the classical modern period as well as new and contemporary music. Yet, to this day, a great deal of Schubert’s work remains literally “unheard-of”, whilst some proportion of the “modern” repertoire is now almost a century old. Furthermore, the very latest contemporary trends and compositions are there to discover; for the first time ever in a song competition, the finalists have to rehearse in a very short time and then give a premiere performance of a song by the renowned composer Isabel Mundry, a musical adventure for participants and audience alike.

In my new role as head of the competition category “Duo for Voice and Piano (Lied)”, I would like to give my heartfelt thanks to my esteemed colleague and predecessor, Christine Whittlesey. Under her leadership, the category “Lied” has secured its place among the most renowned competitions in this category. It is important carefully to conserve and develop further the structures that have grown up over many years and to cherish the open and inspiring atmosphere of the competition. Moreover, close contact and discussion with jury members, honest assessment and candid feedback on the performances delivered, as well assistance with future artistic development, should ensure that the competition proves to be an event in young participants’ lives that has long-term consequences, constituting a special waypoint in their progress as artists.



1st Prize: € 9.000,- plus 6 months of career advice and supervision

2nd Prize: € 6.500,-

3rd Prize: € 4.500,-

SPECIAL PRIZE: € 1.000,-
Prize for the best interpretation of the Composition Competition commissioned work

We would very much like to invite you to compete for this special prize, which is independent of the chamber music competition: we are seeking creative projects in the field of audience engagement > see announcement.


from 20 to 24/02/2018 (1st and 2nd rounds)
25/02/2018 (semi-finals)
and 27/02/2018 (finals)

in the Florentinersaal,
Palais Meran,
Leonhardstraße 15, 8010 Graz

AGE LIMIT: born after February 28, 1982


In addition, the prize-winners will be offered scholarships, concert engagements and broadcast recordings.

You can find the additional information HERE.


Joseph BREINL (Germany), Chair


Bengt FORSBERG (Sweden)

Luis GAGO (Spain)

Angelika KIRCHSCHLAGER (Austria)

François LE ROUX (France)

Henk NEVEN (The Netherlands)

Jan Philip SCHULZE (Germany)