Alja Batthyány-Végh is of Hungarian origin and spent her childhood in France, Switzerland, Germany and Italy. She is also a citizen of France. Being the daughter of violinist, conductor and pedagogue Sándor Végh, she grew up in an artistic environment that was to leave a distinct mark on her later life.

In very early childhood she started to learn playing the piano. At the age of twelve she attended the University of Music in Basel and later the piano classes of Prof. Karl Engel at the University of Music in Hanover. After her A-levels, she passed the admission exams for piano at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna and for drama at the Max-Reinhardt seminar. Upon completion of her studies she decided to dedicate her professional time to acting and performed on various stages in Germany until 1971. Starting a family meant that she had to suspend these activities to be able to concentrate on bringing up her three sons in Zurich (Switzerland). During this time she studied musical history at the University of Zurich, completed her piano studies and taught at various musical institutes in Zurich. At the end of the nineteen eighties, she started to get involved in classical music management.

Alja Batthyány-Végh

  • is artistic director of the International Chamber Music Festival of Cervo (Italy), established by Sándor Végh in 1964
  • was artistic director of the International Music Festival of the Azores (Portugal).
  • was artistic adviser to the International Music festival “East meets West” in Macao (today: China)
  • is foundation board member of the International Géza Anda Piano Competition in Zurich
  • had shared responsibility for the artistic direction of the “Musique En Mer” festival on board the “Mermoz”.
  • had shared responsibility for the artistic direction of the International Mozart Academy in Prague und Krakow for many years
  • was appointed artistic director of the Esterházy String Quartet Festival in Eisenstadt in the period from 2009 to 2011.
  • Has been co-organizer of the International Sándor Végh String Quartet in Budapest since 2012 – the competition will take place again in 2015.

In 1993, she established the Cadenza-Concert music agency in Zurich, which she subsequently relocated to Salzburg in 1995. Apart from the representation of many well-known artists and ensembles worldwide, she has made the promotion and guidance of many young promising talents a personal priority.
Cadenza-Concert is in regular contact with the most important international festivals and concert stages in Europe, the USA and Asia.